Hello there, I'm Lennox 👋

Based in Waterloo, ON

I have a proven track record of creating and implementing successful frontend and backend web applications using industry-standard practices.

As a developer, I aspire to use my creativity, eagerness to learn, and expertise to help bring innovative ideas to fruition and demonstrate my commitment to developing highly sophisticated software solutions for your company.

More About Me

My Services

I specialize in web design and development which suit your business needs. If you hire me, we will work together to create a custom-tailored plan to showcase the best your business has to offer.

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Fully Responsive Design

By meticulously crafting websites to be responsive across mobile screen sizes, tablets, and desktop sizes, your clients can easily access your site from anywhere.

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Better Referrals

Turn your lukewarm clients into vocal fans! Your customers will happily spread the word to friends and family when you have a beautiful, user-friendly website.

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Increased Engagement

When you brand has clearly defined goals, your clients are more likely to trust your business with their needs, and engage more with what you are sharing.

Skills & Tools

MongoDB MongoDB
React React
JavaScript Javascript
Figma Figma
Express.js Express
Node.js Node
Bootstrap Bootstrap
Git Git
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
C# C#
Go Go

Recent Projects

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A simple task tracker

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Zodiac Sign Generator

Generates Zodiac Sign Based on Birthday Input

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Tool for writers to create and share stories

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